24 way Wireless Radio Microphone Antenna and power distribution unit
 - - 12 way unit also available - -
Save compared to cascading 4 way Adu's even when making a 8 way rack!- costing little more than most 4 way units!
Suitable for all makes and models of world wide Radio Mic systems
An ideal product for multi way radio microphone setups, providing a compact solution to antenna distribution and dc powering in a 1u rack mountable housing.
High performance and very convenient solution not available elsewhere at this price. The product will appeal to a range of users from theatre, hire companies to broadcast.
Two passive or active antennas distribute to 2 x 24,  50ohm outputs avoiding the need for cascading several antenna distribution units or passive splits which introduce signal noise and losses. 10v dc antenna power present on the bnc Input connections
Unit can power receivers through the RF cables
12v dc to each of the 24 receivers via the bnc 'A' Outputs, short circuit protected at 350ma per output- removing the need for separate power supplies for each receiver.
12v dc 8 amps output is also available from the dc port for powering receivers which do not except dc powering via the bncs. DC Daisy chain cables available from stock.
Two internal switchmode power supplies act as a main and standby with auto changeover should one fail. The onboard Lcd screen provides live status updates of each power supply.
Menu and encoder wheel provides access to control RF Gain over each set of 4 outputs with -10 to + 10db of control. Independent control over A and B Outputs in groups of 4.

Providing advance control over rf gain structure enables a wide range of antenna types, placement and cable length options. Reducing RF input overload to radio microphone receivers significantly reduces inter modulation and increases the number of simulations systems. 

System menu can be locked, which will appeal to hire companies
Key features
  • 24 dual outputs for diversity operation
  • Receiver Power on Rf A outputs - to power 24 receivers via the bnc! or 8a of dc available on dc jack output
  • Compact and lightweight 1u housing
  • Neat cabling solution avoiding cascading or splitting antenna signals
  • very cost effective even for setups not requiring all 24 outputs
  • Phantom power for use with active antennae-  10 volts at the two antenna inputs
  • Industry Standard Bnc connectors
  • entire rack powered from 1 mains lead!
Frequency bandwidth - wideband -other options on request
Cables available to Customer specification. Bnc - to tnc or bnc connectors commonly using RG174 3mm diameter cable - 40cm length
Recommended Retail Price
24 way unit 699 + VAT
12 way unit 599 + VAT
Ultra Light & Sound
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Rear view of typical setup showing 16 half rack width receivers

Total package occupying just 9u of rack space